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Porsche classic 911 Servicing & Repairs

About Our PORSCHE CLASSIC 911 Servicing & Repairs

The 911 is without doubt one of automotive history’s most iconic cars and is the flagship model of the Porsche marque. Launched in 1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the 911 replaced the 356. It featured a flat 6 air cooled rear mounted engine. In 1966 the 911S was created with a 2ltr engine and 160bhp. In 1973 the 911 G model was produced culminating in the 2.7ltr 911 RS that is considered one of the greatest 911’s of all time.

The success of the 911 and its very high production costs, meant the 911 was an expensive car. The 912 was essentially a redesigned slimmed down, entry level version of the 911. The 912, produced between 1963 and 1969, was shaped around the 911 but with a 1.6ltr 4 cylinder engine producing 90bhp. The 912 had a better weight distribution and superior handling but had many standard 911 features removed making it a cheaper car to produce and therefore price in the market. Porsche manufactured 32,500 912’s. An interesting fact is that to marque Porsches 100,000th car they decided to make it a Targa version of the 912!!

The 911 SC is a landmark 911 because it was the first Porsche model developed to appeal to a wider market than just the enthusiast driver. It is the 911 that launched the 911’s reputation for excellent durability and build quality. The use from 1976 of a fully zinc coated steel bodyshell and the adoption of a normally aspirated version of the Turbo’s more robust 3-litre engine. The earlier 2.7 had been recognised as being at the limit of its development and the new Type 930 engine reset the design parameters for the flat-6’s development potential.

Combined with the well-proven Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection, it became a very flexible, torquey powerplant. The Sportomatic option was only available for one year and so is very rare on an SC. Sporto offered a regular manual shift pattern (4-speed), but without a clutch pedal. It was a clever design, but didn’t really satisfy a need for a full automatic 911. The Targa offers an open top driving experience (the top folds up but the car’s practicality is impaired by the need to stow the top somewhere). The late 1970s and early 1980s were a time of slow development for the 911 as Porsche devoted much time to the new (and water cooled) 924 and 928 models. But despite the limited changes year to year, the 911’s popularity prevailed. Sales consolidated despite the factory trying to persuade customers to migrate to the (they believed) next generation cars.

By 1980, the folly of trying to phase out the 911 was clear and new development produced the Cabriolet. The SC Cabriolet is a rare 911 today but its manually operated roof is fairly crude by later standards.

Jasmine PorschaLink UK are the UK’s leading Independent Porsche Specialist, with over 21 years of Porsche technical knowledge and experience we strive to offer Porsche 911 servicing and maintenance to an exceptionally high standard, using the very latest Porsche Specialist Diagnostic equipment and OEM parts.

We offer simple menu priced servicing at our purpose built facility in Lancashire.  All work undertaken is carried out in line with the current Porsche guidelines, with only Genuine Porsche or OEM parts and Porsche approved oils used.

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