june 2024 business news


Dear Customers and Followers,

I am thrilled to announce that our General Manager; Jonathan Higham has invested directly in Jasmine PorschaLink UK and is now a co-owner of the business!

In May 2018, when I was given the chance to acquire Jasmine, I decided that I would do so only if I could secure Jonny to run the business. Knowing him for a number of years before, meant I respected his appreciation of customer service and engineering specialism. Jonny left a secure job elsewhere to join me and that faith in each other certainly paid off.

Since 2018 the business has transformed from a Porsche Parts and Service Specialist independent to a business focused on Porsche Service Specialist and Car Sales at the start of 2020. After two difficult years in 2018 and 2019 followed immediately by Covid, we have had year after year profit following the business change and changing the teams culture to customers first. Since the change we have increased the service team and sold over 150 cars either under SOR or through direct acquisition and sell. Jonny has led the transformation based on customer trust and integrity and going the extra mile whenever we can.

We very much look forward to the future and growing the business together. Focusing on customers needs, being honest with pricing and acting with integrity as to what customers need doing to their cars has paid off.

Onwards and upwards.

Chris Gateley