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porsche 993 ENGINE overhaul

What exactly is a Porsche 993?

The Porsche 993 is the fourth generation of the Porsche 911 model sports car manufactured and sold between January 1994 and early 1998 (model years 1995–1998 in the United States), replacing the 964. Its discontinuation marked the end of air-cooled 911 models.

The 993 was much improved over and quite different from its predecessor. According to Porsche, every part of the car was designed from the ground up, including the engine and only 20% of its parts were carried over from the previous generation. Porsche refers to the 993 as “a significant advance, not just from a technical, but also a visual perspective.” Porsche’s engineers devised a new light-alloy subframe with coil and wishbone suspension (an all new multi-link system, Weissach axle), putting behind the previous lift-off oversteer and making significant progress with the engine and handling, creating a more civilized car overall and providing an improved driving experience. The 993 was also the first 911 to receive a six speed transmission.

The 993 had several variants, as its predecessors, varying in body style, engines, drivetrains, and included equipment. Power was increased by the addition of the VarioRam system, particularly in the midranges, and also resulted in more throttle noise at higher revolutions; as a consequence, it resulted in a 15 percent increase in power over its predecessor.

The external design of the Porsche 993 was penned by English designer Tony Hatter and retained the basic body shell architecture of the 964 and other earlier 911 models, but with revised exterior panels with much more flared wheel arches, a smoother front and rear bumper design, an enlarged retractable rear wing, and teardrop mirrors.

Carrera coupé: The Carrera was available in rear- and all-wheel drive versions. It was equipped with the naturally aspirated 3.6-liter M64 engine, further developed from the 964, and combined with a new dual-flow exhaust system now incorporating two catalytic converters. The 993 Carrera originally was equipped with orange turn indicators on the front, side, and rear, black brake calipers, black Carrera logo on the rear, and 16-inch alloy wheels with black Porsche logos on the center wheelcaps. The 1994 coupé version had a curb weight of 1,370 kg (3,020 lb) (basic unladen weight of 1,270 kg (2,800 lb)). This model’s ground clearance was 110 mm, except for the US version, which had a ground clearance of 120 mm. This was further lowered with the M030 sport chassis option to 90 mm. The coupé is the stiffest, tightest, most solid, yet lightest of the 993 models.

Porsche also offered the 993 Carrera as an all-wheel drive version called the Carrera 4. In contrast with the 964, Porsche deleted the “2” from the rear-wheel drive “Carrera” name tag. Among enthusiasts, though, to differentiate between the rear-wheel and all-wheel drive variants of the Type 993 Carrera, they were (and still are) commonly referred to as “C2” and “C4”. The Carrera 4 has an automatic braking differential; it brakes the inner wheel when accelerating out of a corner. On the exterior, the Carrera 4 is visually distinguishable by clear front and side turn indicators and rear red turn indicators. The brake calipers are painted silver, as is the Carrera 4 badge on the engine cover. The center wheel-caps carry the Carrera 4 logo instead of the Porsche crest. The Carrera 4 has a curb weight of 1,420 kg (3,131 lb), same as the standard Carrera cabriolet, and in both instances more than the Carrera coupé. Key feature on the 993 Carrera 4 is the weight saving in the all-wheel-drive system as compared to the 964, a lower maintenance viscous coupling unit that transfers 5-50% of power to the front wheels and changes the driving behavior of the car compared to the standard Carrera. The 993 Carrera 4 all-wheel drive is suited to cope with bad weather conditions, which provides extra security in rain or snow, though on a dry circuit, the C2 is the faster car, and the C4 is of course heavier than the C2. There was no Tiptronic option available on the Carrera 4.

The options list for the 993 Carrera (and most other variants) offered many choices, including up to five different styles of wheels, various suspension set-ups, and three different seat styles (comfort, sport, racing). In addition, many upholstery options were offered and various sound systems including digital sound processing. Further, customers had the option of any colour other than standard shades. Even more, the Tequipment and Exclusive-Programs added further options and built to order almost any specific wishes of customers such as special consoles, fax machines, or even brightly coloured interior upholstery.

In contrast with most of the other variants, production of the Carrera coupé and Cabriolet ceased with the end of a very small number produced in a shortened 1998 model year.

The timeline

In March 2023 this stunning Amaranth Violet Porsche 993 returned to us for its annual maintenance where we identified multiple oil leaks on both the engine and the gearbox. A discussion was had with the owner of the vehicle to rebook the additional works required for our quieter winter months where we could address the issues in detail.

In November 2023, Jasmine PorschaLink provided an upto date estimate which was OK’d by the customer and  booked in for the work to begin in early December.

The following work was to be carried out: –

  1. Removal and refitting of both the engine and gearbox –  allowing easier access for the jobs listed below;
  2. Replacement of both the cam cover and timing chain cover gaskets
  3. Major service including all 12 spark plugs, engine belts and genuine Porsche filters
  4. Gearbox oil service including replacement of required corroded components
  5. Powdercoating of engine tinware and reconditioning of timing chain covers
  6. Replacement of both bonnet and rear lid gas filled struts.
Engine & Gearbox : The engine and gearbox were removed in order carry out the list of required jobs. This included; accessing the engine tinware, carrying out a major service including spark plugs and belts, timing chain cover gaskets, cam cover gaskets along with the covers receiving some TLC whilst removed – giving this 29 year old engine a new lease of life. 
The gearbox benefited from a Tiptronic oil service with new sump pan, oil filter and oil feed pipes as the existing ones were very tired and corroded.
Tinware : The engine tinware and cooling fan were removed and sent off for powder coating to give a longer lasting durability. This prevents the expense associated with replacement panels and is a much cheaper alternative which gives a harder wearing coating than the factory finish.
This stunning air cooled Porsche 993 is now free of any oil leaks and is ready to be appreciated for many years to come. Our technician; James, really went to town cleaning up various engine components which didn’t require replacing.  Not only did this save the customer money, but it also ensured that the condition of the exterior of the vehicle was reflected in the engine bay. 
Keep an eye out at our future Porsche events for this beautiful 993.
Winter is the perfect time to get your classic Porsche booked in, whether it needs a mechanical refresh or a complete restoration!