Purchasing a pre-owned Porsche can be a daunting experience as there is a lot more to buying a Porsche or any supercar than meets the eye.  Even a 1 or 2 year old example can have led a chequered life and if you are not familiar with the cars, why should the purchase of a lifetime turn into a nightmare?   This need not be the case. 

We aim to give you peace of mind when buying a used Porsche.  We pride ourselves on our personal, independent and practical approach and our efforts to achieve the highest standards of quality and dependability.  We have extensive experience within the Porsche assessment world and are completely independent of the official network and independent sales specialists, although we do have very good relationships with many of the reputable Porsche Car Sales Specialists.

Any information obtained from your Porsche Car Inspection Report is private and confidential and shared only with you.  Our opinions on a Porsche we inspect are impartial and unbiased.  Our report will advise you on: –

  • Any work which may be required and an estimate of how much this may potentially cost you.
  • Desirability of that specific model and any special features of the vehicle.
  • Price guidelines are provided in relation to the specific vehicle model and specification.

We are highly knowledgeable in all Porsche models; 911, 912, 964, 993, 996, 997, 991, 924, 928, 944, 968, all Boxster models, Cayman, Cayenne, Panamera and Macan.  We also have extensive experience with the rarer Porsche models such as the GT, RS and Turbo variants.  We can also inspect Race and Track Cars too.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Our Inspection is a comprehensive appraisal on the car you have selected and includes a HPI data check, estimated value and an ECU diagnostic check (if relevant).  We can be completely mobile and take the required equipment on site and perform the thorough 200-point Inspection.  On a typical car this can take anything between 3 and 4 hours for the full review.

The 200-point Inspection covers the following key areas, but is not limited to: –

  • V5 Document Check
  • HPI Document Check
  • Service and MOT detailed paperwork and stamp check
  • Internal Inspection includes; upholstery details and condition, mechanical operation of the seat workings, odours, airbags installed, luggage compartment check
  • Wheels and Tyres includes; condition, design, originality, tyre depth
  • Brakes includes; condition of discs and pads, brake fluid change record
  • Bodyshell includes; signs of accident or restoration repair, corrosion, dents or scratches, paint thickness
  • External trim includes; bumper condition, windscreen wipers/blade condition, mirrors, marque/model emblems in place, rear spoiler (if applicable), convertible roof and rear window (if applicable)
  • Engine Bay Inspection includes; condition of bonnet/engine lid struts, fuel lines and fittings, coolant pipes, electrical wiring and engine oil
  • Engine/Transmission Underside Inspection includes; signs of leaks, oil pipe condition, heat exchanger/silencer/exhaust condition
  • General Underbody Inspection includes; shock absorber leaks, insides of discs/tyres, suspension condition
  • Electrical Equipment Inspection includes; battery check, wiring (under dash condition), immobiliser fitted, alarm fitted, lights condition
  • Drive test* (if permitted); odometer reading, gauges condition, engine performance, transmission noise, brakes operation
  • On the 996/997 and Boxster/Cayman models, including the 2009 and onwards Gen 2 cars, we use diagnostic equipment to read ECU data (Over-revs, fault codes and operating hours)
  • How the car drives (conditional on sellers permission) – Note: We have the necessary comprehensive commercial motor trade insurance for this and carry a copy of the certificate for the seller to check.
  • Estimate of the declared selling price.

*We can only carry out this part of the Inspection if the current owner allows it and the car roadworthy and if a clear accessway to a road is accessible.  We are fully insured to drive any vehicle.

Whilst driving the car we will assess the general condition and response of the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and the operation of the cars main controls and basic functions.

We will produce a full assessment report including HPI Check and photography within 2 to 3 working days. There will be approximately 20 photographs showing the condition of the car.

Our price stated below includes our time and costs spent travelling to and from the Inspection site (within reason), the 200-point inspection, any diagnostic checks, photography, post-inspection data analysis, valuation, HPI Check and preparation of the report.

The Inspection includes checking of the V5 (registration document), current VOSA (MoT) certificate and the service book.  For more general information and key event recording from a cars additional history files, see the Document Option below.

Our in-house inspection price is £250.00 + VAT

Inspections carried out at the sellers home or garage address start at £350.00 + VAT, dependent on location, this is to cover our technicians travel time.

Document Option

The Inspection includes a basic legal document check as described above.  As an optional extra, we offer to produce a documentation log that costs £45.00 + VAT.  This additional check includes examination of any history file presented with the car and is highly recommended for any Porsche manufactured before 1994.  We record the Option codes, all Service and MOT data presented and key history data.


Payment can be made by credit/debit card, cheque or cash.

Overseas customers asking us to provide an Inspection in the UK can contact us by e-mail if required and payment can be made by credit/debit card.

International Assignments

We can undertake Inspection services in Europe or Middle East.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.  We specialise in sourcing and logistics management for overseas buyers looking for a specific car in the UK.


Please note that any inspection report carried out is not an insurance policy or warranty and in any event our liability to you is limited to the fee charged for the report.