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Condition Used
Mileage 75,400 miles
Year 05-1995
Engine 3.6
Fuel Petrol

Vehicle Details

Condition Used
Make Porsche
Model 911 993 C4
Year 05-1995
Price £0
Mileage 75,400 miles
Fuel Petrol
Color Polar Silver
Body Style Coupe
Transmission Manual
Doors 2
Engine 3.6

Vehicle Description

For many the Porsche 993 air-cooled is the pinnacle of Porsche ownership. Porsche 993’s are very popular not only as driving machines but increasingly as investments, particularly well cared for manual cars. The 993 is the last of the air-cooled engines making this an iconic car in the Porsche fraternity.
At Jasmine Porschalink UK we offer on behalf of a customer, this Polar Silver, UK registered manual 993 in wonderful condition with a service and maintenance file stretching back to 1996.
This right hand drive 6 speed manual 993 C4 coupe is presented in Polar Silver with blue leather interior. Registered in May 1995 the car has had 8 owners, the current owner acquired the car 9 years ago. This is a pre Varioram 3.6 litre engine producing 272 bhp mated to a six speed manual gearbox. The car has air-conditioning and an electric sunroof, graduated windscreen. The all important matching numbers have been checked and agreed as original to the car.
The 993 has been kept in exceptional condition and recent major spends include:
  • April 2021 Replaced front drop links
  • February 2021 Replaced exhaust fixings, hear shields and centre box clamps and exhaust system
  • December 2020 Removed rear window and repaired rust around window frame
  • February 2020 4x Pirelli Rosso N4 tyres and brakes stripped cleaned and callipers repainted
  • December 2018 Refurbished all wheels and replaced windscreen
The car has an excellent service file with OPC and Porsche Independent services at the correct manufacturer intervals: –
  • July 1996 Porsche OPC Liverpool 12,495 miles
  • December 1997 Porsche OPC Liverpool 14,613 miles
  • January 1999 Porsche OPC Liverpool 15,809 miles
  • January 2000 Porsche OPC Liverpool 16,487 miles
  • December 2002 Porsche OPC Liverpool 17,794 miles
  • October 2003 Porsche OPC Reading 23,155 miles
  • October 2004 Porsche OPC Reading 26,766 miles
  • May 2005 Wright Tune Independent 29,982 miles
  • June 2006 Porsche Paragon 37,649 miles
  • June 2007 Porsche Paragon 48,211 miles
  • April 2008 Porsche OPC Nottingham 52,583 miles
  • August 2009 Porsche OPC Nottingham 60,148 miles
  • August 2010 Hartech Bolton 62,570 miles
  • July 2011 Hartech Bolton 64,337 miles
  • July 2012 Hartech Bolton 66,091 miles
  • August 2013 Jasmine Porschalink UK 67,330 miles
  • October 2014 Jasmine Porschalink UK 68,966 miles
  • ​October 2015 Jasmine Porschalink UK 69,873 miles
  • October 2016 Jasmine Porschalink UK 70,716 miles
  • October 2017 Jasmine Porschalink UK 71,805 miles
  • October 2018 Jasmine Porschalink UK 72,625 miles
  • October 2019 Jasmine Porschalink UK 73,432 miles
  • February 2021 Porsche OPC Bolton 74,307 miles
The car has an MOT until June 2023.
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