Is your Cabriolet Roof looking tired and in need of reviving?  Or has your Cabriolet Roof started leaking?

Jasmine PorschaLink UK have the solution to bring your roof back to its former glory.  All that is required is; a 24 hour stay at our Nelson based facility, meticulous application of the correct professional products and solid after care advice.

PLEASE NOTE: A full 24 hours is required to meticulously carry out a complete roof re- colour and reproof. Your vehicle will be stored overnight at our Nelson facility to allow adequate drying and curing time once the application is complete.

This service aims to completely renew the colour of your fabric roof to as new condition, the waterproofing element is carried out to not only prevent water / rain seeping into your car but also to help protect your new roof after the re-colouring process has been completed. 100% success cannot be guaranteed as it totally depends on the condition of your roof fabric from the offset.

Please ensure you never apply any cleaning products, bleaching products or fabric softeners to your roof as these are detrimental to the fabric of your cabriolet roof and can cause irreversible damage. 

Please ensure your cabriolet roof is never power washed using a jet wash or similar force as this causes permanent damage which cannot be rectified by using this service.

If you wish to either send detailed photographs or bring your vehicle to us for inspection, we are happy to conduct this before committing to the service.We will always advise you beforehand if we feel that this service is unattainable on your vehicle.